Tree Pruning

The Importance of Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is a vital part of maintaining their health and appearance. Most trees need to have some pruning on a regular basis every year or every couple of years depending on the species of tree. With shrubs the need for pruning is usually annual.

Pruning Maintains Healthy Tree and Shrub Growth

The tree pruning process helps them to be at their optimum health. This is because it allows the branches that are most important which are closest to the trunk to get the greatest nutrients and the unimportant damaged limbs to be removed. It should be noted that over pruning especially of trees can cause damage as well. That is why having a professional do the job can protect the vital growth areas of the tree. Professionals know and understand the growth process of the tree and can best identify weakened branches.

When a younger tree is pruned properly, it helps the tree grow in a healthy formation that brings the vital nutrients to its base for continued growth into maturity. Damaged limbs left on a tree can cause a loss of vital nutrients to go to the damaged area which will offer little benefit to the overall trees health. With most shrubbery, pruning is the only way it maintains both its health and shape.

Disease and Insect Infestation

When a tree or shrub is left with weakened or damaged limbs, it can make the tree or shrub more susceptible to disease because it has lost some of its overall strength and vitality. In a compromised state, the tree or shrub can be more at risk for disease. Like people with compromised immune systems, weaker trees and limbs have a tougher time fighting off a potential disease.

Additionally, problems from damaged limbs is potential insect infestation occurs from weakened branches. When a tree or shrub has an open area that is damaged with broken, weak or dead branches and limbs, insects are often attracted to this area and will invade them. Pruning ensures that these risks are avoided and the tree or shrub can continue to grow healthy and strong.

Home and Property Damage

One of the other vitally important reasons to maintain and prune trees and shrubs is the damage they can cause if they overgrow onto houses and other buildings. Overgrowth of trees and shrubs can cause a host of problems to houses and buildings such as roof and siding discoloration, mold growth and roof tile uplift. This can lead to damaged roof and siding materials and possible water damage inside the home if the roof tiles buckle. This can cost property owners thousands of dollars to repair.

Storm Damage and Safety Hazards

While it is not addressed as much as it should be, there are millions of dollars of property damage each year in America due to fallen tree limbs and trees. There is great potential for limbs to break off suddenly in a storm causing them to become projectile. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home, car or building. This threat can be more readily avoided through proper pruning.

Trees that are not properly maintained can also cause car accidents and power outages. If a tree limb falls on power lines, they can cause significant power outages. This often happens during heavy wind and weather events. Additionally, if a limb falls in the road, it can obstruct traffic or cause a traffic accident. Tree pruning maintenance ensures a significantly lower risk of causing such problems.

Personal Safety

Staying safe is always a top priority for most people. Sadly, downed tree limbs can cause serious injury and death if they occur during a storm. When limbs and branches are weakened, they are more likely to break in heavy wind and weather events. This can have tragic life changing results. Every year hundreds of Americans are killed and injured by falling trees and limbs. Tree Pruning can help protect lives and protect against property damage.



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